Exclusive Single Premiere: Mardi Wilson “Part Time Lover” (2020)

Raw and brutally honest, “Part Time Lover” is the new single from Brisbane singer-songwriter Mardi Wilson. Tt’s a bit of a departure from previous songs like “Runaway” and “Don’t Stop”, lifted from a forthcoming debut album while further highlight Wilson’s undeniable talent at spinning her own feelings and experiences into compelling songs.

Based on something that was “not quite a relationship, not just friends”, “Part Time Lover” is a self-assured reflection on wanting a friend during a hard time, only to realise your connection with that person wasn’t what you thought it was.

“I was going through a pretty rough time with some health issues and ended up in hospital,” Wilson recalls. “It was a time when I really needed a mate, so I decided to reach out to this person for support. The reaction that I got wasn’t what I expected and that really caused a lot of hurt for me.”

As Wilson tells it, she wrote the song shortly after the event, aiming to support people who have been in a similar situation.

“I hope that this song speaks to those people and makes them feel empowered and important,” said Wilson. “You can’t help it if someone treats you like shit, but you can decide that you deserve better.”

And the intent is certainly clear, with the song ending with a simple, pointed “you’ll never fucking touch me again.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of the single below and keep an eye out on Wilson’s socials for any upcoming shows. With live music making a slow-crawl back to reality, the nomadic artist is surely going to be taking this one on the road as soon as she can.

For more on Mardi Wilson head on over to her Facebook.

Chris Singh

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