Theatre Review: Madiba celebrates South Africa’s complicated history and a world beyond black and white

November 3, 2018

History is a complex beast and this is certainly apparent in Madiba. This musical weaves together the late Nelson Mandela’s story and the history of South Africa’s apartheid. The show is ambitious and tries to cover a lot in its two-hour runtime. This is a celebration of the long road to freedom for Mandela and […]

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Win a copy of the six-part event series Madiba on DVD

September 19, 2017

Madiba is a six-part event series that tells the epic tale of Nelson Mandela, the globally beloved iconic figure, as well as the many other leaders of the African National Congress – Oliver Tambo and Walter Sisulu – who fought alongside Mandela in the multi-racial, multi=national movement that led to the end of South African […]

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