Libby Angel

Book Review: Libby Angel’s The Trapeze Act is a beautifully frustrating tale of a young girl struggling to define herself in a family of wild characters

Bringing up the rear of a family of circus runaways, ambitious playboy barristers, and juvenile delinquents, Loretta often finds that the best recourse is blending into the background of their scandalous and unusual existence. But Loretta cannot remain a fly on her family’s wall for much longer. As the four piece’s precarious existence begins to…

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Five Books You Need To Read This Month: January

Happy New Year! Welcome back to a new instalment of our recommended reading monthly feature (now with fresh new artwork). Hopefully you all had a great break away from work and enjoyed some downtime over the festive period. As always we’re here to bring you five books we think you need to be reading this…

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