Krista Polvere

William Fitzsimmons touring with Krista Polvere this February!

It won’t be long before Illinois artist William Fitzsimmons will be in Australia with his captivating live show and latest record Pittsburgh and we’re even more excited to find out that the talented Krista Polvere has now been added to shows in Melbourne and Sydney! Having opened for the likes of Ryan Adams and Steve…

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Tour Diary: Krista Polvere (Melbourne) Takes on the U.S. Including Truck Rodeos, Boot-Scooting Cowboys and more!

Feeling a strong connection to the USA, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Krista Polvere decided to return to New York and San Fransisco, and absolutely fell in love with the countryside of Wyoming after visiting it for the first time ever! Join her as she reminisces about her favourite moments and favourite people to play music with. Get to know her a…

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15 artists not to miss at Australian Music Week in Cronulla

Tonight, the inaugural Australian Music Week kicks off in Cronulla, NSW, for some four days of conferences and showcases. As with any event of this nature – be it BIGSOUND, SXSW or the recent WAM Festival in Perth – there are dozens upon dozens of incredible acts out there for you to discover. It’s almost…

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