Film Review: Under the Influencer is an earnest effort that speaks to the value of staying honest in the world of social media

Given how important a person’s online presence (or persona, even) is in this age of social media, and that “influencer” is now apparently so prime that it can be considered a career, it’s not surprising that such a topic is readily explored in other forms of media.  In the case of Alex Haughey‘s Under the…

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Interview: Brock O’Hurn on the paranormal experience of filming The Resort in an abandoned hotel

Famed on Instagram for his 6’7 frame and popularisation of the “man-bun”, California native Brock O’Hurn has traded in influencing for entertainment, transitioning from the phone screen to the big screen.  Having made his film debut in Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween, and its subsequent sequel, before earning television roles in drama series such…

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