Win a Hydragun Percussive Massage Gun worth $600

August 23, 2021

With wellness tech steadily growing and getting stronger as a sector, there are many choices on the market for those seeking premium massage guns to help with muscle recovery, relaxation, and improve circulation. In the past few years, the demand for these massage guns have skyrocketed. There’s a few choices out there, but the general […]

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Win a Hydragun for your portable premium percussive massage needs

November 26, 2020

With percussive massage guns now becoming more popular in Australia, it’s good timing for Hydragun to enter the market. The flexible massager, with six different speeds and six different attachment heads, was designed by a Muay Thai enthusiast and offers users a well-designed, super premium recovery tool for various uses such as deep-tissue massage, preventing […]

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Hydragun Review: Percussive massage at a whim

November 24, 2020

As the cross-section of wellness and tech continues to grow, we’re bound to find more percussive massage guns on the market. That’s a good thing, since to this point the market has been dominated by Therabody and their high-end theragun, with their latest top-tier model asking for an ambitious $899. At over half the price, […]

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