Her Majesty’s Theatre (Adelaide)

Theatre Review: Come From Away is a delightfully heartwarming story (Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide)

March 31, 2023

Come From Away is a hit musical based on the true story events of the September 11 WTC tragedy. It tells the incredible story of how 38 planes were diverted from North American airspace to a remote town in Newfoundland, Canada. The locals opened their hearts and homes to almost 7000 scared and confused passengers. […]

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Adelaide Festival Review: The Caretaker – Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide (10.03.12)

March 10, 2012

The Theatre Royal Bath Productions presentation of The Caretaker for the 2012 Adelaide Festival is a superb example of modern theater, from one of the worlds most influential playwrights, Harold Pinter. Starring internationally celebrated and multi-award winning actor Jonathan Pryce the play is at once a simple tale of an outsider with secrets, and a […]

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