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Games Review: No Man’s Sky NEXT (Xbox One, 2018) is kind of all I want to play right now

August 10, 2018

No-one is more surprised by that headline than me. When we reviewed No Man’s Sky at launch back in 2016, our reviewer took an especially dim view of the game’s failure to implement a litany of the mechanics it had promised. They were not the only person who felt this way. We all remember what […]

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No Man’s Sky drops huge new Founder’s Update

November 27, 2016

Still got a copy of No Man’s Sky kicking around? Throw it into your PS4 this morning and you’ll discover the free V1.1 patch, also called the Foundation Update,  is now live. This is a huge patch and brings a significant amount of changes, fixes and new modes to what has been the year’s most divisive space […]

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Video Games Review: No Man’s Sky (PS4, 2016)

August 31, 2016

Usually, the kind of backlash that Hello Games’ ambitious space explorer has received would be reserved for something from Ubisoft (Watch Dogs, The Division), but it would appear that we’re in a golden age of broken promises, embellishments and flat out lies, with No Man’s Sky leading the charge.

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