Half a star

Film Review: Show Dogs (USA, 2018) is a big “bark-you” to the audience

“Live-action family movies are somewhat of an endangered species these days as most family entertainment is now animated.” That is a line that is spoken by the director of the film Show Dogs, Raja Gosnell, who has a long pedigree (pun intended) of films that involve canines, as well as family entertainment. Starting off with…

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DVD Review: Pernicious (USA, 2014)

I have a strange passion for trash cinema and ‘so bad-it’s good’ movies. Toss me a copy of Sharknado or a Troma film any day of the week and I’ll gladly watch it purely for the shits/giggles. But Pernicious is neither of those things. It takes itself far too seriously and is too polished to…

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