Guitar Hero Live

Ubisoft acquires Guitar Hero Live developer FreeStyle Games

January 18, 2017

Ubisoft have acquired FreeStyle Games, the developer behind Activision music titles DJ Hero and 2015’s Guitar Hero Live. Ubi announced the acquisition overnight in a post on their official blog, along with the developer’s new name, Ubisoft Leamington.

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Video Games Review: Guitar Hero Live (Xbox One, 2015)

October 23, 2015

With Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4 hitting Australian store shelves within a week of each other, the music and rhythm genre that dominated lounge rooms everywhere only five years ago is officially back from hiatus. With Guitar Hero Live, developer FreeStyle Games is attempting to bring something new to the table. The question […]

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Video Games Interview: FreeStyle Games’ Jim Norris Chats Guitar Hero Live

October 20, 2015

We caught up with FreeStyle Games designer Jim Norris at the EB Games Expo to talk all things Guitar Hero Live, from the newly introduced GHTV feature, to the games development process. Check out Larry’s interview below! Tell me a little bit about how you first got involved in this project. So, I was working […]

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Watch Lenny Kravitz and James Franco fail at Guitar Hero Live

October 6, 2015

The latest TV spot for Guitar Hero Live is here and features certified rock legend Lenny Kravitz and certified chill bro James Franco attempting to outplay each other.

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Gamescom 2015: Guitar Hero Live releases new BTS trailer, adds singing

August 7, 2015

The more we see of Guitar Hero Live, the more I feel like FreeStyle Games are coming at this project the right way. In addition to a comprehensive behind-the-scenes trailer, FreeStyle have announced the addition of singing to the game so that others can join in for co-op.

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