East India Youth

Live Review: CHVRCHES + East India Youth – The Forum, Melbourne (09.02.16)

February 12, 2016

Somehow I’ve managed to miss CHVRCHES every time they’ve come out to Australia, and as they tour with Laneway Festival, I finally found out what I’ve been missing out on. Selling out two weekday shows at The Forum in Melbourne is no mean feat, and if anyone were to deservingly do so, the Scottish trio […]

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Backstage at Laneway Festival Singapore, East India Youth looks ahead to Australian dates!

February 2, 2016

British artist East India Youth is days off his first ever Australian shows, with the St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival coming up this weekend. One of the buzz names of 2015, his music has brought him acclaim from many and his live shows have been received as popularly. Backstage at the Laneway Festival in Singapore, the […]

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east india youth

William Doyle of East India Youth (England) talks about SXSW, Culture of Volume, touring and more

April 22, 2015

Behind the futuristic sound of East India Youth, electronic musician William Doyle has been a very busy man with a tight schedule. Having just finished a round of shows for SXSW and releasing his new album, Culture of Volume this month, he talks to us about the new record’s reception, what he enjoys about tour life and his plans for the rest […]

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