Civilization VI

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Review: Never build your house on sand

March 6, 2019

I love getting a new Civilization expansion. Each one is a near-complete revision of the game as the community has come to know it, a wave of changes large and small that address mechanical shortfalls and community concerns, while adding complex new systems into its existing web of other complex systems. With Civilization VI: Gathering […]

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Games Review: That Civilization VI (Switch, 2018) works on a console at all is kind of a miracle

December 8, 2018

Civilization VI was already complicated game long before the decision was made to port it to console. A great game to be sure, but a very complicated one. Civ has long made its home on the PC. The game’s overall complexity and forest of nested menus made a jump to console seem all but impossible. […]

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Games Review: Civilization VI: Rise and Fall (PC, 2018): Teamwork makes the dream work

February 19, 2018

Broadly speaking, whenever a game receives an expansion pack, they tend to take that word”expansion” rather literally. Typically what they bring to the table is more of everything you could already do in the base game. More units, more characters, more places to visit, things to do. Civilization expansions take a very different approach. They […]

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