Casper Van Dien

Interview: Casper Van Dien on his uncomfortable new role in Daughter

February 25, 2023

In his new film Daughter (read our review here), Casper Van Dien is far from the personable actor Peter Gray found him to be when discussing his role as the unnerving “Father”.  A tense thriller surrounding a bizarre family and their induction of an abducted woman into their home, Van Dien spoke of being warned […]

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Film Review: Daughter navigates gender, authority and autonomy in an unnerving, claustrophobic setting

February 24, 2023

Informing us that the film is based on fact more than fiction, Daughter has a certain familiarity about it when it initially begins, horrifying us with the imagery of a woman being bludgeoned by an unknown assailant.  It’s a suitable start for Corey Deshon‘s horror-leaning effort that successfully navigates mostly a singular location, a small […]

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