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Brian Fallon Local Honey

Album of the Week: On Local Honey, Brian Fallon mines the present and the personal

April 2, 2020

Brian Fallon has traded in the punk rock of The Gaslight Anthem and his youth for the countrified folk of Local Honey. Though followers of his career, will know he’s no stranger to the acoustic guitar.  Local Honey is Fallon’s third solo album, and his first in two years, following 2018’s acclaimed Sleepwalkers. It’s also […]

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Album Review: Brian Fallon – Sleepwalkers (2018 LP)

February 9, 2018

As good as change may be, continuity and familiarity is just as great. And in some cases, it’s probably better. Here on the new Brian Fallon album, Sleepwalkers, the American artist has embraced some changes from his The Gaslight Anthem days, whilst maintaining much of what has allowed him to develop such a loyal and […]

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