Bose Frames

New and improved Bose Frames are coming to Australia next month

September 14, 2020

Bose are not only adding three new styles to their wearable Frames range, but the company has made some improvements which should make meaningful differences to the audio sunglasses. The eyewear-headphone hybrid device was first released on the market in 2018, kicking off a new category for the reputable audio brand with Alto and Roundo […]

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Bose Frames Review: Eyewear-headphone hybrid just may surprise you

October 28, 2019

It may seem a bit too novel – and it is in a way – but Bose Frames represent an important evolution for one of the world’s leading audio companies. It’s understandable that the first move in a brand new tech genre has its misgivings. Released earlier this year, Bose took a break from their […]

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