Elden Ring Hands-On Impressions: A Brutally Good Time

November 11, 2021

We recently got the chance to participate in a Closed Network Test of Elden Ring, developer FromSoftware’s Souls-inspired epic. This beta version of the game featured a contained portion of its open world, allowing us to explore, battle and most importantly, survive. I would liken my time with Elden Ring to Dark Souls 3 – […]

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Here are your free PlayStation Plus titles for March 2018

March 1, 2018

March is looking very good for PlayStation 4 owners with an active PlayStation Plus account.

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Video Games Review: Bloodborne: The Old Hunters (PS4, 2015)

December 6, 2015

There’s a reason downloadable content has an unflattering reputation. It’s been used to flog everything from pointless cosmetics to extra missions to content held back from the final release in order to extort a few extra bucks from the ultra-hardcore fan with a lot of disposable income. DLC doesn’t have to suck though and Bloodborne: […]

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Tokyo Game Show 2015: Bloodborne‘s first expansion, The Old Hunters, arrives this November

September 15, 2015

The first expansion for From Software’s demonically difficult adventure title Bloodborne will land on PS4 this November. The news comes from Sony’s pre-TGS showcase.

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The best games of 2015 … so far

July 15, 2015

2015 has been a great year for gaming so far. Current-gen consoles are finally coming into their own and we’re seeing some truly creative, interesting new IP emerging as well. Here’s our ten favourite games of 2015 so far. 1. Cities: Skylines (PC) If EA’s much-maligned Sim City reboot failed to impress you then Cities: Skylines may […]

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Games Feature: Diary of a Terrible Bloodborne Player: The First Hour

April 27, 2015

Let me be clear: I am the worst Dark Souls player in the world. I mean, I really struggle to get anywhere in those games. I wander and I flail and I die over and over and over. To say I felt some trepidation when I picked up From Software’s latest opus, Bloodborne, is no […]

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