Asian Recipes

Recipe: Marion Grasby’s Red-Braised Lamb with Egg Noodles

February 5, 2016

Celeb chef Marion Grasby, of Marion’s Kitchen fame, knows a thing or two about good home-cooked Asian food, with a particular focus on both contemporary and traditional dishes. Always one to celebrate family-style banquet dinners with her comprehensive recipe range, Marion has kindly provided us with her recipe for Red-Braised Lamb with Egg Noodles, just […]

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Recipe: The Eight’s Seafood Dim Sim

June 16, 2013

The Eight is Sydney’s largest Chinese restaurant, specialising in modern fusion and traditional Chinese cuisine with a focus on live fresh seafood. Part of the award-winning Zilver Restaurant group, The Eight has been a finalist for several awards, the most recent being the 2012 Australian Small Business Champion Awards. They’ve been kind enough to share […]

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