Anna Diop

Interview: Anna Diop and Nikyatu Jusu on navigating the horror elements of Nanny with lived-in emotion

December 16, 2022

In the psychological horror fable of displacement Nanny, Aisha (Anna Diop), is a woman recently emigrated from Senegal and hired to care for the daughter of an affluent couple (Michelle Monaghan and Morgan Spector) living in New York City.  Haunted by the absence of the young son she left behind, Aisha hopes her new job […]

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Film Review: Nanny is a haunting human drama bathed in a supernatural temperament

December 15, 2022

The term “elevated horror” gets thrown around a lot nowadays.  And as much as supposed film purists like to rib on such a phrase, it’s undeniably becoming a subgenre of the horror space, allowing dark, heavy topics and deep exploration of characters to exist within the structure of a scary story. Such is the mentality […]

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