Aled Jones

Aled Jones sings us some surprising “duets” with Ed Sheeran, BTS’ Jungkook and Kylie Minogue

While Aled Jones was recently in Sydney we decided that, in the theme of his new album One Voice, we would ask him to do a couple of surprising duets. Of course, nothing could be as surprising as singing with your 15 year old self… but we think we found him some good ones! So, may we…

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Aled Jones chats about his latest album One Voice and his upcoming Australian tour

Aled Jones was recently in Australia promoting his brand new duet album One Voice- a unique concept, as the album is a collection of songs with Aled dueting with his none other than his younger self! We caught up with Aled in Sydney to talk about the album, the chance discovery of these youthful recordings…

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