Ace Hotel

Review: Ace Hotel New Orleans captures the very best of the brand for The Big Easy

February 3, 2020

Those who have travelled around the USA likely have come across the Ace Hotel. And if you haven’t stayed at one of their 8 American locations, or even passed it by, you’ve likely heard about it – from the now iconic rooftop bar and pool in LA’s revitalised Downtown District, to the celeb hangouts and spectacular […]

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Hotel Review: Large Double Queen Room at the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles

June 29, 2016

Yesterday we took you to the beaches of Santa Monica, and now today we take you to the other end of the new Expo Line – the revamped, revitalised and culturally vibrant Downtown LA. At the heart of this is the Ace Hotel, an old United Artists Theatre turned Church (“Los Angeles University Cathedral”) turned 13 […]

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Hotel Review: Ace Hotel – Midtown, New York City

June 25, 2015

It’s almost midnight as I arrive at the Ace Hotel, jumping out of a taxi, having flown into Newark Airport on the other side of the Hudson. I walk past someone taking a selfie with a man who I assume is famous; he is ushered into a car moments later (then again, with Uber, who […]

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