13 Minutes

Film Review: 13 Minutes channels your favourite childhood disaster flicks

December 2, 2021

Remember those natural disaster films from the ’90s? You know, Deep Impact? Volcano? Dante’s Peak? Twister? Well, if the recent Amazon hit Greenland has whet your appetite for disaster, then 13 Minutes will also satisfy your urge. Writer/Director Lindsay Gossling has assembled an all-star cast – including Anne Heche (to bring us back to Volcano for a […]

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Win a double pass to see 13 Minutes (Elser) in Australian cinemas

July 6, 2015

From the same director of the Oscar-nominated film Downfall, comes 13 Minutes, a film based on true events that could have changed world history. Georg Elser was a carpenter from a small town in Germany, who could have saved millions of human lives – if only he had had 13 more minutes. With 13 more […]

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