Will Henderson releases new single “Too bad to be true”

Will Henderson

Will Henderson is one of those musicians who effortlessly shifts genres. One of his many musical projects is being one half of the pop duo Gimme Gimme, with his sister Esther. They recently released the extremely fun track “Silk”. Today Will is releasing a solo track, the beautifully atmospheric “Too bad to be true”.  This follows on from his previous single, “Painting The Wind” and will be on Will’s debut solo album.

“Too bad to be true” has a tantalisingly hypnotic groove. It’s sensual and smooth. It’s got a killer hazy late-night club vibe. The track was written in Berlin with fellow Australian and producer Oliver Holyoake. Finish producer Tim Granbacka added in the synths and beats.

Will Henderson explains it is “a lo-fi cowboy track about not really enjoying being right in a fight. The track explores dynamics of love through bundles of metaphors always pointing towards the path of reconciliation – needs.”

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