Exclusive Video Premiere: Gimme Gimme “Silk” (2021)

Gimme Gimme

Mullumbimby’s Gimme Gimme is a duo comprised of sister and brother Esther and Will Henderson. They dropped their EP Taylor St back in February. One of the lead singles off the EP was Silk, a fun and upbeat tune which can’t help to leave a smile on your face.

We are thrilled today to have the video premiere for “Silk”, a glorious throwback with what is a fun pastiche of our grandparent’s houses and their era.

The video was directed by Esther, with longtime collaborators Gabrielle Miller and Uma Chaghaghi. Ensuring authenticity to the look they were after, they equipped themselves with Sony camcorders from the 90s.  The clip was conceptualised during Lockdown, and with Esther in Melbourne at the time, and Gabrielle and Uma in Mullumbimby, they worked on it over Zoom slowly putting it together.

Much of the footage was shot in Uma’s grandmother’s house in Mullumbimby and Ester and Will’s family home in Bellingen.

Uma talks about how the song helped shape the video: “The song really informed the aesthetic – to us it sounded quite fun and flirty so we played off of that. Being in such an old-fashioned home inspired a sense of youthfulness in contrast; like little girls playing dress-ups at grandma’s house. Otherwise, our love for the surreal and absurd crept in with some of the more abstract shots, for example, the Lazy Susan ‘last supper’ food sculpture and the kaleidoscope shots…” 

This video is so much fun. An olive-green bath, what more you could possibly want? They have certainly nailed the aesthetic. This is a killer tune and the kaleidoscope of images throughout the clip is a worthy companion.

The video “Silk” will be released on Friday 4th June 2021. In the meantime, enjoy the preview of this entertaining video below.

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