Track of the Week: Partefacts “Time Travel” (2021)


“Time Travel” is the debut single from new band on the block Partefacts, and taken from their forthcoming EP Lifestyle Blob. 

Partefacts is the brainchild of Canadian multi-instrumentalist Christa Belle and Australian producers Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan. If those last two names sound familiar to you, then good. Bagley and Schuftan also make up Ducks!, a band we’ve featured a few times here on the AU. 

Partefacts came to life in Berlin, when a big night out morphed into a day of instrument swapping and studio experimentation. If you’re a fan of Ducks! then you’ll be a fan of Partefacts. You’ve got noisy bass, synths, and disco drums all wrapped up in a shouty post-punk package. 

As with anything Bagley and Schuftan are involved in, it’s creative, playful and a lot of fun. It’s a wonderful sonic mash-up with a fantastic fictional back story to go along with it – not to mention the obligatory matching boiler suits for the band. Keep your eyes peeled for the music video to drop in the next couple of weeks.  

“Time Travel” is out now. Keep yourself up to date with Partefacts on Facebook and Instagram.

Header Photo: James W Brooks

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