Track of the Week: Georgia Maq ft. Alice Ivy “Someone Stranger” (2021)

Naarm / Melbourne’s Georgia Maq and Alice Ivy have teamed up on the fun new party banger, “Someone Stranger” and we are delighted to have this as our Track of the Week.

Georgia is singer, songwriter and guitarist for Camp Cope, and in 2019 released her debut LP, Pleaser. Annika Schmarsel, a songwriter and producer whose stage name is Alice Ivy,  has recently released her second LP, Don’t Sleep.

Georgia and Alice have in recent years been tireless campaigners and educators for non-male representation in their fields of punk and EDM that have largely been male-dominated domains. It’s exciting to see them collaborate on a musical project such as “Someone Stranger”, to such great success.

The resultant creative output of these two artists who typically occupy different spaces in the musical realm is a joyous upbeat tune. It has hook after hook. The soaring vocals of Georgia and party bangin’ production is triumphant. The lyrics have a wonderful hazy ambiguity to them, leaving space for the listener to use their imagination.

Of the track, Georgia said: “Annika and I knew we wanted to make a song together so we made the time and in about three hours we had pretty much finished ‘Someone Stranger’. I write lyrics really quickly when I feel I have to and Annika creates amazing melodies so it just worked really well together. The song is very much open to interpretation, but personally it’s about purging romance through movement.”

And in return, Alice Ivy shared: “I feel like Georgia and I have always been destined to write together, so I was super excited when we finally got the chance last year. I played her a little demo I had kicking around and she immediately started writing lyrics for it. I loved how fast-paced the whole experience was! I think we were both thinking, “Let’s make this a song we’d wanna hear in a club!”. Georgia‘s voice is so incredible, it was cool just being able to just write a massive pop banga with her. Very excited to have this one out in the world!”

Do enjoy this exciting collaboration.

“Someone Stranger” is out now. You can keep up to date with Georgia Maq on Instagram, and Spotify. You can give Alice Ivy a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify

Header image credit: Jo Duck 

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