Album Review: Georgia Mooney delivers a lovely, luxurious soundtrack in Full of Moon

Georgia Mooney, vocalist and mandolinist of All Our Exes Live in Texas, has taken a bold and beautiful step towards a solo career with her debut album. Following EP Another Year On, released back in 2012, new release Full of Moon is light years ahead and a treat to listen to. Full of Moon is wonderfully Kate Bush, yet never unoriginal. The comparison might be obvious and unavoidable, but from the first seconds of the album to the last, that same ethereal enchantment occurs.

War Romance” warms you to her quavering, rich, soft voice and sonorous instrumentals. “I Am Not In A Hurry” is a folk lullaby that takes flight into the night sky. The album reaches its ecstatic apex in “Break It Off”, which takes the night sky to space, a dancing, shooting star among the warm, glittering cosmos (the album title clearly isn’t just a play on her name!).

After that, the fireball burns out, the lights dim, and Mooney waltzes in the dark with “Consider It A Gift”. The lyrics are vague, poetic, and aching – unrequited love burns bright throughout the album. “Consider It A Gift” almost feels like the end to the album, so folk lullaby “What An Inconvenience” is a bit of an abrupt about-face (and with a little less flair than before). It’s this section that the songs begin to blur together. “Some Of Us”, “Winter Island”, “Nothing is Forever” and “What’ll I Do” are pleasant but misty dreams– the jungle tom-toms of Nothing Is Forever are the only bleary image that lingers.

And then there was “Soothe You”. The final piece of elegant and exquisite magic in the album, “Soothe You” is a lovely, tender, heartrending, time-stopper. It’s a grand finale, and one that adds a lovely sheen to the album’s memory in your mind. Small wonder Mooney released it as a recent single.

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting Georgia Mooney’s debut album, you might be disappointed to find that she’s perhaps shown her hand a little early by releasing the best tracks too soon – with the exception of “Consider It A Gift”. But even if the remainders don’t stand so strong alone, they fill out Full of Moon into a lovely, luxurious soundtrack perfect for late night listening.


Georgia Mooney’s Full of Moon is out August 25 via Nettwerk. Follow Georgia Mooney on Spotify, Facebook and Instagram for more.

Header: Cybele Malinowski

Branden Zavaleta

West Australian Writer & Photographer