Track of the Day: YoWo Music “Built for Boys” (2018)

YoWo Music, a Melbourne based music program for girls and gender non-conforming young people, have announced their debut album Work Like That, which is set for release on November 23rd.

With guidance and mentorship from professional musicians, the nine-track album is a heartfelt exploration through music by some of Melbourne’s brightest young female and GNC musicians. To prepare you for this incredible album, YoWo Music have released a brand new single, “Built for Boys”, and you are going to love it.

Raw, honest and fresh, this track has been built from the bottom up by some of Melbourne’s greatest young musicians and they aren’t stopping any time soon. Filled with exceptional, chilling melodies, indie-pop drawls and an undeniably catchy chorus, the track is a brilliantly clever and evocative musical exploration.

Written by YoWo alumni Lily Harnath the song talks about searching for your identity and your place in the world, a significant theme in today’s modern age. Talking on the inspiration behind the song, Harnath said “My song is about one of my friends trying to find her identity, but I also think it relates to most people’s search for where and how they belong in the world.”

The record as a whole was written and produced with the help of an abundance of professional mentors such as Francesca Gonzales (Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird) and Maggie Rigby (The Maes), in total it was a six month process with everyone putting their hearts into the incredible process. Discussing the experience, participant Isabella Munoz had this to say:

“This would be the first time that I’ve done something as important as this. Being able to be a musician and release an album with an amazing group of people, both those who I’ve known for a while and those who I’ve met briefly, is such a privilege. I’m so happy to be involved and to share a part of our creations.”

“Built for Boys” is available now. The debut album Work Like That will be available on all platforms from November 23rd. To find out more about YoWo Music and the work they do, head on over to their website HERE.

The YoWo Music performers will be celebrating the album release with an all-ages launch show at Melbourne’s iconic Evelyn Hotel on November 25th.