Track of the Day: Washington “Dark Parts” (2020)

Washington Dark Parts

Megan Washington has clearly been creative during Isolation. She is back with a new track, “Dark Parts” and an animated video which she has created herself. It’s a hell of a party track, even if it does ask us to open up and share the parts of us we keep hidden. This song is playful and fun, and at times quite hypnotic in its beats and rhythms. Apparently it’s in 7/8 time, which is a rare thing, but whatever, it works.

This is the first single off her next album, which will be released 28th August this year. She worked with Sam Dixon (Sia, Adele) and Konstantin Kersting (The Jungle Giants, Mallrat, Tones and I) on “Dark Parts”. She has clearly been more productive than most of us during this time. Megan drew the images in the video and created the clip on her own. Some mean skills indeed.

Check it out – it’s pretty bloody great.

You can keep up to date with all things Washington on her Facebook. Instagram, Website, TwitterYouTube and even Tik Tok

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