Track of the Day: Victoria’s Flight “Love Will Come Back” (2020)

Our track of the day is “Love Will Come Back” and comes from Scottish band Victoria’s Flight. It’s a song with great hooks,  punchy guitars with sweet vocals and harmonies. It has a lovely upbeat feel to it, with a recurring triumphant refrain of “Love Will Come Back”. It is just the song to help you see the bright side on a shitty day.

Victoria’s Flight consists of childhood friends Matt Robertson and Craig Harkness from Glasgow. This is their third single, following on from “Parade” and “Last Days of Summer”.

The band describes the genesis and thoughts behind the song:
“This song was kind of an accident for us. We were in the studio in London and had some time to kill and that’s when Love Will Come Back happened, all in about half an hour and it was finished. We think it was fate because we had recorded our first two singles and needed a third to complete the trilogy and out came this. It’s not a classic all is lost, end of the world love long. It’s not a happily ever after but it’s the realisation of ok yeah that was good but the best is yet to come. So remember, Love Will Come Back.”

We are hoping that they will head out to Australia before too long so we can catch them live.

You can follow the band on their Facebook, Instagram, Website and Twitter pages

Bruce Baker

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