Track of the Day: Tinpan Orange “Turn It On Again” (2020)

Tinpan Orange

Indie-folk trio, Tinpan Orange have a wonderful new tune out for you, called “Turn It On Again”.  Before the Covid-19 lockdown, they went into the home-studio to record a bunch of new songs, and this is the first to emerge from those recordings. This is typical Tinpan Orange, exquisite musicianship with the gorgeous ethereal vocals of Emily Lubitz forever captivating.

Emily talks about the genesis of this song, about the need to reset sometimes in order to move forward: “I originally wrote this song about the power of shutting down in order to come back with vitality and a new focus. It’s my only technique for fixing technological problems made into a metaphor for relationships. The shutting down of the Covid world has given the song an eerie new relevance.”

The chorus repeats a number of times in the latter part of the song, allowing Alex Burkoy and Jesse Lubitz to show their creative muscle. There is plenty going on here to hold your attention to the end.

Check out the awesome video as well – obviously largely shot in ISO, with some great editing and creativity on display. The squeal of the baby in the middle of the second verse adds some cute in-house authenticity.

And if ever you get a chance to see them live, don’t miss out, definitely, always a highlight.

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