Track of the Day: The Smashing Pumpkins “Cyr” (2020)

The Smashing Pumpkins are back with new music, and “Cyr” is our Track of the Day today. The band has also announced that there is a new studio album in the works which is exciting news for fans.

The vocals of frontman Billy Corgan are of course unmistakable. “Cyr” is a little more electronic than their older music, and features less of the distorted guitars. It keeps the band sounding fresh. As well as frontman Corgan, the track features founding members James IhaJimmy Chamberlin, with longtime guitarist Jeff Schroeder.

“Cyr is dystopic folly,” frontman Billy Corgan reveals, “one soul against the world sort of stuff, set against a backdrop of shifting loyalties and sped up time. To me it stands as both hopeful and dismissive of what is and isn’t possible with faith.”

Enjoy “Cyr”

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