Track of the Day: The Indios “La Primavera” (2020)

The Indios

London-based Colombian band The Indios have just released their new single: “La Primavera”. The single is the creation of production duo Juan Contento, the band’s lead singer, and Felipe Rojas, the drummer. 

Slow-tempo and laidback but captivating, “La Primavera” blends the different musical cultures brilliantly. The band has managed to make Urban latin influences rub shoulders with British pop vibes, and to make it work. Considering the band are still somewhat in their infancy, there’s a level of slickness and polish that’s admirable. I like that it perhaps plays against expectations too. 

Lyrically, it’s bilingual, flitting between Spanish and English – so no prior language experience is required either. And, according to Contento, “La Primavera” is “a love story… but it’s also an intimate anthem portraying the tension of letting someone into your life for the first time.” Goes to show, then, that some themes and motifs are universal. 

Full of charisma and style, check out “La Primavera” below:

“La Primavera” is out now. Keep up to date with The Indios via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Simon Clark

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