Track of the Day: The Francos “Back To Basics” (2018)

2018 has been a good year for Wollongong indie pop trio The Francos, with the band releasing their sophomore EP Absolute Scenes, along with a handful of singles. Determined to end the year on a high, the band have recently released one more track: “Back To Basics”.

“Back To Basics” is a three minute blast of indie pop self help. It’s a song about waking up to reality, and realising that things need to change for it to get better. It tells the story of the relationship between one’s self and their aspirations. It’s also an utterly fun and accessible track, with hooks aplenty. It’s the kind of song you’ll quickly find yourself singing along to.

As with their previous work, “Back To Basics” was recorded in the band’s home studio set up, albeit with a shorter time frame than usual; bassist Xavier Lardner, for example, recorded his part the day before he departed for a three month vacation in Europe. Whilst, drummer Alec Adams recorded the drums after recovering from a broken thumb.

The band only formed in 2017, and have already released two EPs, and gained the attention of both local and international blogs, not to mention radio play across Europe, the US and back here in Australia, and listening to “Back To Basics” it’s easy to see why. With a successful 2018 behind them, it’ll be interesting to see what the boys from Wollongong do next.

“Back To Basics” is available now. You can keep up to date with The Franco’s via Facebook and Instagram

Simon Clark

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