Track of the Day: The Flowers “Summer Saviour” (2020)

The Flowers

We are pumped to bring you as our Track of the Day, the latest single, “Summer Saviour” from indie-popsters The Flowers. We premiered the debut release from this Sydney-based trio, “Truly Madly Sleepy” back in May 2019, and it’s uplifting to hear their latest offering.

Lead singer Agnes O’Dwyer explains the motivation behind the track.

“I’ve always wanted to write an unreserved, heart-on-your-sleeve type love song, so ‘Summer Saviour’ is my attempt at that. Having always adored songs like ‘Be My Baby’ by The Ronettes and ‘Think About Love’ by Dolly Parton, I wanted to sort of write my own serenade-y type track. The summer-gazing lyrics were written in hibernation last winter (we hate cold weather). We wanted to make the song sound as warm and bright as possible, it’s what got us through the winter chill.”

Agnes has kicked this one into touch- “Summer Saviour” is a bright sunny cornucopia of love and passion. Give it a spin.


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Header photo credit: Chris Lanzon

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