Exclusive Single Premiere: The Flowers “Truly Madly Sleepy” (2019)

Ahead of its official release tomorrow, today we’re excited to bring an exclusive first look at “Truly Madly Sleepy”, the debut single from indie rockers The Flowers.

With lyrics inspired by “a years worth of travelling around, suffering from chronic jet lag and unrequited affection”, the band have dropped a great slice of indie rock, that has some delightful pop embellishments. It’s a lush arrangement, beautiful vocals and an absolute banger of a first release for this exciting new band.

Comprised of vocalist Agnes O’Dwyer, Dylan Clark on guitar, and Leighton Cauchi on drums, The Flowers are a Sydney-based trio producing fun indie rock with a pinch of pop influence. Leighton and Dylan had been in bands for sometime together, and after an extensive search for a new vocalist, including a jaunt to Los Angeles, they landed upon Agnes via Triple-J unearthed.

‘Truly Madly Sleepy’ was written by the band, recorded in Damien Gerard Studios in Rozelle, Sydney and produced by Peat Holz.

We look forward to future releases from The Flowers.



“Truly Madly Sleepy” is officially released Thursday May 9th. Be sure to chuck the band some love across on instagram and twitter.