Track of the Day: Tadhg Daly “Hit The Ground” (2019)

“Hit The Ground” is the new single from Jersey born indie pop artist Tadhg Daly. With only two singles to his name so far, Daly has been slowly been making a name for himself in the UK. Whilst he’s only been performing for a relatively short period of time, he’s been invited to play at Boomtown Fair and the Isle of Wight Festival on the back of good showings at gigs locally in Jersey and across the UK. 

According to Daly, the track is about “letting go of the fear that stops us from pursuing what we love and prevents us from being the version of ourself we dream of being.” Daly also described the song as being a particularly important song to him, and that it represents what he describes as a personal “rebirth”. 

Certainly, “Hit The Ground” is a great introduction to a wonderful up-and-coming talent. This is one of those get in on the ground floor moments, or at least it feels like it. There’s a polish, poise and swagger to the track that far belies Daly’s relative youth and “inexperience” within the industry. Having already garnered great support from the folks at BBC Introducing in London and Jersey, it probably won’t be too long until we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of him. 

There’s a lot to like about the track too. There’s a clear pop sensibility, quality songwriting and a strong and distinctive vocal performance. It’s bold, anthemic and brimming with charisma. Importantly too, it bares up well to repeat listening. 

“Hits The Ground” is released today. You can keep up to date with Tadhg Daly via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Simon Clark

Books Editor. An admirer of songs and reader of books. Simon has a PhD in English and Comparative Literature. All errant apostrophes are his own.