Track of the Day: Stupid Baby “Feline” (2020)

Stupid Baby

Stupid Baby is a quartet from the Central Coast, and they’ve just released their debut single, “Feline”. They’ve also released a fun manic video to accompany it.

The band is made up of life-long friends Liz Drummond (Little May), Jake Dobson (Desert Moons), Eli Milojkovic (Sea Legs) and Will Glencross. They might have just released their first track, but they have been doing some gigs around the traps, with the likes of The Chats, The Smith Street Band, Pist Idiots, Skegss, Ocean Alley, Polish Club and WAAX.

What I love about “Feline” is the dual vocals of Dobson and Drummond. The song has a wonderful mix of grunge and dreamy elements in it.

Drummond describes the motivation behind ‘Feline’:

“We felt ‘Feline’ was a good introduction to what’s to come from Stupid Baby. We wrote it pretty quickly in the room together, starting with the riff. The lyrics were fairly stream of consciousness between Jake and I, which we liked. We wanted to hone in on the dual vocal thing, and for all the parts of this song to be driving, and alluding to some kind of intense relationship dynamic. It’s probably one of the moodier, darker Stupid Baby songs”.

The video was filmed on a private property in Laguna, in Sydney’s south. It features an abused mannequin, some high energy and is great fun. It was shot, directed, and edited by Tom Hackett.

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