Track of the Day: Sigmund “Given Up On Hope” (2020)


“Given Up On Hope” is the new single from Faroese singer-songwriter Sigmund. Recorded last year in an old knitting factory, the track is Sigmund’s first ‘new’ release since 2014. It’s a short, sweet injection of twangy bluesy rock; and I’m very much here for it.

I stumbled across Sigmund and his music almost by accident. A chance encounter via the social media of Joe & The Shitboys, the Faroe Island’s very own bisexual vegan punks. Who are also well worth checking out. As it turns out the Faroese music scene has undergone an explosion, so there’s plenty of great acts to turn your attention too.

Sigmund’s own social media presents something of an enigmatic figure. One which is only enhanced by the artwork that accompanies “Given Up On Hope”, as well as his albums Seven Sheep Farm Blues and Live with the Boogiemen. There’s remoteness to the imagery (and the geography) that really suits his brand of blues rock.

“Given Up On Hope”, is the first track of forthcoming album The Everlasting Pump. The whole album was recorded in a day, with Sigmund gathering a bunch of friends to record some songs on his birthday. It’s rough, spontaneous and brings those great off-the-cuff jam band vibes. According to Sigmund, the song is “broadly about realising that a situation is hopeless, and that it’s okay to give up and move on. To start anew.” The perfect track for the first month of the year then.

Give the new track a spin, you won’t regret it. Then whilst you’re waiting for the new album, dive into the back catalogue, that’s what I’m going to do.

“Given Up On Hope” is available now from Tutl RecordsThe Everlasting Pump releases later this year. You can keep up to date with Sigmund via Facebook and Instagram.

Simon Clark

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