Track of the Day: Sal & The Mandas “Smash Repairs” (2019)

“Smash Repairs” is the swaggering debut single from Sydney newcomers Sal & the Mandas. The track, which explores themes of mental health and recovery with humour and wit, is a strong opening salvo from a band fresh onto the scene. 

Influenced by the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and The White Stripes, the band deliver a sound that is punchy, powerful, heavy and just a little bit different too. The inclusion of a horn section is a nice touch (I love a good horn section!) taking the song up just that extra notch. It’s the kind of song you just know will deliver live; and with a live show that promises loud guitars and inflatable salamanders, it sounds like theirs is a gig well worth turning up for.

Sal & the Mandas are Sally Davis, Ollie Quirk and Oscar Joe, check out “Smash Repairs” below. 

“Smash Repairs” is available now. Keep up to date with Sal & The Mandas via Facebook and Instagram

Simon Clark

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