Track of the Day: Ruby Tuesdays “Why You Always Gotta Fight Me” (2018)

Wollongong five piece Ruby Tuesdays have capped off a solid 2018 of releases with their excellent new single “Why You Always Gotta Fight Me”. 

Recorded and produced out on the South Coast with 19Twenty’s Syd Green, “Why You Always Gotta Fight Me” is the very definition of a slow burner, with the track gradually building up energy  and urgency before breaking out into an impressive crescendo of bluesy guitars. It’s the kind of song that you know will go over well live.

Ruby Tuesdays are still relatively new to the scene, with just a handful of singles to their name so far. But, with a debut album, Drunk As The Sea, on the way and with critical attention warming up 2019 should prove to be a big year for the band. So “Why You Always Gotta Fight Me” is as good an introduction and entry point to the band’s music and sound as any.    

“Why You Always Gotta Fight Me” is available now. Ruby Tuesdays will be launching the single at The Heritage Hotel, Bulli NSW on February 23rd. Tickets can be found HERE. You can also find the band on Facebook, Instagram and via their Official Site.

Simon Clark

Books Editor. An admirer of songs and reader of books. Simon has a PhD in English and Comparative Literature. All errant apostrophes are his own.

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