Track of the Day: Oh My My “Woe, My Heart” (2018)

Sydney based producer and musician Oh My My stuns with his scintillating new single, “Woe, My Heart”. Breaking onto the scene earlier this year with the dark and sultry “Animal House”, this latest effort sees him switch lanes, opting for a brighter, more sincere sound. If “Woe, My Heart” is a sign of things to come from Oh My My, we’re in for a treat.

“Woe, My Heart” begins delicately, combining gentle piano with a captivating beat, before exploding into a chorus of brilliantly mixed sounds and vocals. This build up to the chorus is really what makes this a great track – that subtle, yet impactful change of pace prompting a physical preparedness for what’s about to come. The vocals perfectly compliment the beat and vice versa, allowing for a whole lot of passion and emotion to shine through.

Lyrically, the song explores the turmoil of heartbreak and being caught up in one’s own feelings. The simplicity of the verses showcase the lyrics sincerity and honesty, allowing the track to hit even harder. “Woe, My Heart” candidly delves into how it feels when you give your heart to someone and they stomp all over it. It’s clear Oh My My has a talent for both production and songwriting, and there’s versatility at work too that I’m sure will make him an exciting artist to watch.

You can catch Oh My My in Sydney on Saturday September 1st for Sofar Sounds. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned for more shows to be announced soon.