Track of the Day: Nooky “Numb” (2019)

Yuin emcee Nooky is looking to continue his fiery run through to Australian hip hop’s forefront with new single “Numb”. Following the likes of “Blackfellas” and a show-stealing spot on B Wise’s “The Code (Remix)”, the Bad Apples rapper sticks to expressive, self-reflexive rhymes as he both embraces and rejects the need and the means to escape from reality.

Close collaborator Solo has given “Numb” a contemporary backbeat, leaving things wide open for Nooky to spin through the facets of addition, revisiting the unhealthy desire to “feel numb” from adversity.

“Numb is a side of me that I don’t usually show, it’s something that I have hidden for quite some time, it’s about turning to substance abuse to numb the pain when you are finding it hard to face your problems”, explained Nooky. “Music was my healing, it was my release, but sometimes I needed to escape my escape and just be numb to my emotions and thoughts but the next day shit’s still the same and if anything it put a hindrance on my healing”.

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Current Nooky Tour Dates:

Friday, September 6 – Goodspace, Sydney NSW – with Snotty Nose Rez Kids

Chris Singh

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