Track of the Day: Ngaiire “Shiver” (2019)

It’s been nearly 3 years since her last release, but we finally have a new track from Ngaiire, “Shiver”. It’s a hauntingly beautiful song, with her transcendent vocals glistening with irrepressible beats. As we have come to expect from Ngaiire, this new release is impeccably styled and produced.

This song takes Ngaiire back to her native Papua New Guinea and explores death and how we deal with the afterlife.  Ngaiire explains it thus:
“Shiver is about catching shadows in the corner of your eye. It’s about getting goosebumps for no reason in broad daylight or seeing things that your mind doesn’t have the intelligence to compute. It’s about the wonderful and terrifying ways we understand the spirit world to work as people of ethnic descent. It’s about my Aine (grandmother) and how I interact with her memory posthumously. In all the mystery of the afterlife, it’s also about the comfort of knowing your ancestors or those that have come before you are still holding you down from the other side.”

The song has already been shortlisted for the prestigious Vanda and Young Global Songwriting Competition. The track was produced by Jack Grace and Ngaiire.

Check it out.



To celebrate the release of the new single, Ngaiire is performing some headline shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Anyone who has ever been to a Ngaiire show will testify how special they are. The attention to detail, the big costumes, the dynamic performance, and that voice make them a sublime experience.


Wednesday 13 November– Northcote Social, MELBOURNE (TIX HERE)
Thursday 14 November– Northcote Social, MELBOURNE (SOLD OUT)
Thursday 21 November – The Lansdowne, SYDNEY (SOLD OUT)

You can keep up to date with Ngaiire on her Facebook page

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