Track of the Day: Mylk “Snooze” (2020)

Melbourne indie-outfit Mylk have just released their latest single, “Snooze”. The band has been on the scene since late 2017 and have dropped just the four singles since then. Their maxim appears to be quality over quantity, and “Snooze” certainly fits in with that proposition.

“Snooze” opens with forty or so seconds of sweet guitars and percussion, before the vocals kick in. It’s a great tune, an ear-worm with a hook that’s likely to keep you humming along long after the song has finished. Fans of Kings of Leon should find plenty to like about Mylk.

The band says of the song: “This song is simply about continually pressing the snooze button on your alarm in the morning. We’ve all been there.” 

“Snooze” is out now through Ditto Music

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Bruce Baker

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