Track of the Day: Man Sandal “Everyone’s Moving on with Their Lives but Me” (2018)

Man Sandal brews a bewitching concoction of music influenced by jazz and folk with some gypsy woven throughout. This versatile range has made them the band to watch, winning Rock Scholars “Band of the Year” award back in 2015.

They are multi-disciplined artists who offer a fresh new sound to the Australian music scene. Something which they are successfully doing thanks to their highly anticipated new EP and single, which combines lilting keys, luscious harmonies and sultry violin to create a triumphantly mesmerising track that will quickly settle into the hearts of those who hear it.

The five piece’s new EP Last Night’s Dinner opens with “Everyone’s Moving on with Their Lives but Me”, a melodrama in song about the feeling of being left behind while everyone else is “moving on”. Whatever that truly means. Three part harmonies, soaring violin solos and a joyful trumpet all serve to tie the track altogether. This band combines to create an addictive sound that has built Man Sandal a faithful following throughout Perth and beyond. The track beautifully encapsulated what it’s like to be in your early twenties. While everyone else is getting married and buying houses you are alone at home watching TV. A track that made me ponder, maybe I should spend more time watching sunsets instead of Instagram.

“Everyone’s Moving on with Their Lives but Me” and Last Night’s Dinner is available now. You can keep up to date with Man Sandal via their Facebook HERE!