Track of the Day: Last Dinosaurs “Flying” (2020)

We have a homage to 90’s Nu-Disco with today’s track of the day, “Flying” by the Brisbane trio Last Dinosaurs. Very much French-House inspired, this is a fun-packed tribute and is a song which feels instantly familiar, in what is a new sound for these indie-rockers.

Lead guitarist, Lach, says of the Nu-Disco genre –  “We were kids when we heard this stuff on the radio and TV so it’s in our reptile brains and it’ll never get out.”

He expands further. “The demo was made at a time when I had to either be wallowing in loneliness, or enjoying the freedoms let’s say, of a single young man.”

“… this formative period of going to euro-dance clubs and trying my luck got me vibing on Nu-Disco again. I can romanticize this period through a cool and corny lens of 90s Nu-Disco and that makes me happy.”

The video was directed by Michael Sloane and is set in some dingy bars, with scenes that are eerily familiar – people on their phones instead of living the moment. Perhaps when we can all get back out into bars this behaviour might be parked for a while. Here’s hoping anyway.

Prior to lockdown, the band spent the last year on the road, with headline shows in the U.S.A., South America, S.E.Asia, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Their shows at Laneway and Splendour were not to be missed. They are now working on their fourth studio album.

You can follow the band on Facebook, their websiteInstagram and Spotify

Bruce Baker

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