Track of the Day: JVLY “milk&honey” (2018)

Back in June, producer JVLY treated us to complex and trippy single “Blue Pill” heavily influenced by Shlohmo & Flying Lotus. Spending almost all his time in his room trying to recreate these sounds, his extremely productive period led him to become increasingly distant to reality . Three months later Kayle Butler aka JVLY’s most recent release “Milk&Honey” has a more natural and overall relieving, calming feel to it. Lifted by delicate vocals of Canadian songstress Una Mey, both the production and vocals stand strong in their own right, perfectly balanced to create a groovy indie pop jam.

After the success of “Blue Pill” JVLY fell in to the trap of trying to force creativity, struggling with a period of writers block.  He explained “For about two months I had an absolute block, I couldn’t finish anything. I had all of these half ideas coming along, but I just felt they were going nowhere. When that happens, you start to doubt whether you’ll be able to write another song. I just completely stopped trying and left it for a while, then all of a sudden, the ideas started flowing back. It was the first time I felt a proper block, but I felt super inspired after it for some strange reason.”

Finally back on track, JVLY used this burst of inspiration to finish “Milk&Honey,” with this new level of buoyancy and liveliness translating into the beauty of the track. JVLY explains that he already had an appreciation for the delicacy and soulfulness of vocalist Una Mey’s melodies and having a similar vision for the track, from there it just came together effortlessly.

She explains the gentle lyrics saying “This song is about an infatuation where you want what you can’t have. The more it’s wrong, the more you want it. You know things wouldn’t work out, so instead you let yourself soak in this unrealistic fantasy state.”  Well I can tell you, I’m infatuated with this song and with “Milk&Honey” available everywhere now, we are lucky enough to be able to have what we want!

While the wobbly, bounciness of sounds in previous tracks is dulled in this song to match the golden voice of Una Mey, the fluctuating tempo and feel of the track maintains.  Showing his diversity and ability to highlight feature artists we look forward to the release of more tracks. from JVLY. (Now that he’s overcome the writer’s block devil.)

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