Track of the Day: Jade MacRae “Midnight Air” (2020)

Jade MacRae has released her final single, “Midnight Air” from her forthcoming album, Handle Me With Care. This follows on from earlier releases “I Choose Love”, “Up Above Your Head” and “My Fathers House”.

“Midnight Air” is a rich, warm, gospel tale. which is inspired by a New Orleans funeral march.  The song features a choir providing moving backing vocals and a killer brass section. As always, MacRae’s vocals soar and shine brightly. She is able to shift between different styles, R&B, blues, soul and gospel, with each seemingly at the time her speciality. I’m looking forward to the upcoming album to see what the rest of the tracks offer.

There is an accompanying video, which neatly complements the sentiment of the song, and was directed by Alex Serkey and Jade herself.

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