Track of the Day: Hallie “Nice Like Rice” (2019)

Melodic, instantly singalong-able, and with tongue firmly in cheek, “Nice Like Rice” is the latest single from Brisbane’s Hallie. Telling the tale of a friendship gone stale, “Nice Like Rice” marks a slight musical shift for the singer-songwriter, who’s been slipping a few more rock influences into her sound ahead of the September release of debut EP Wink Wink Nudge Nudge.

From Joni Mitchell to Paramore, Stella Donnelly to Middle Kids, a huge variety of artists have inspired Hallie, culminating in a sound that blends a swathe of genres into a pop-rock sound that offers echoes of folk, indie, and jazz.

“”Nice Like Rice” is about losing a friend,” explains Hallie. “It’s about realising a friendship has been one sided, and finally allowing yourself to let go and move on from someone who you once considered to be close to you. When I wrote it, I was angry and finally felt I had the strength to say exactly how I had been feeling about the situation.”

Check out “Nice Like Rice” below!

Hallie’s debut EP Wink Wink Nudge Nudge is due out on September 27th.
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