Track of the Day: Hailey Beavis “Stranger Inside” (2020)

Stranger Inside

Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter and visual artist Hailey Beavis released her new EP, Whatever You Feel I Do Too, earlier this month. Recorded at Pumpkinfield Studio, near Perth (Scotland), the EP is the second release on OK Pal Records, the label Beavis founded alongside her friend Faith Eliott in 2018. Kicking off the EP, is the beautiful “Stranger Inside”, our Track of the Day.  

Whatever You Feel I Do Too, is Beavis’ first official release, but she’s by no means a novice. She has racked up years of experience gigging around the Edinburgh scene, whilst also working as a community music practitioner. So, in short, she knows her way around a song and how to charm an audience. You can hear that experience and the influence of her folk music background at work beautifully on “Stranger Inside”. 

There is a lot to love about “Stranger Inside”. There is a precision to the lyrics and the vocal delivery that really elevates it all for me. It’s lyrically and vocally, you can hear that folk background most clearly. The instrumental elements really compliment the lyrics and vocals nicely too. The bass and drums keep everything grounded and moving, whilst the hint of cello towards the end of the track is an exquisite touch too. 

“Stranger Inside” is rooted in the juxtaposition between letting something or someone go and clinging on. It’s about turning heartbreak into art, and continuing on in the face of whatever the world throws at you. It’s pensive, enthralling and, in its own way, entirely empowering.

Give “Stranger Inside” a listen, and then drop some money on the EP. It’s worth it!

“Stranger Inside” and Whatever You Feel I Do Too is available now. Physical copies can be ordered from Bandcamp. You can find Hailey Beavis on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Header Image sourced from Hailey Beavis’ Official Website.

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